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Bourdrez Law specialises in intellectual property law with a particular focus on copyright matters and strategic negotiations for clients in the creative industries, including 


photographers, architects, visual artists, illustrators and designers. Bourdrez Law also advises corporate clients with regard to conflict strategies. 


Bourdrez Law was established by Aernoud Bourdrez in 2003. With over fiften years’ experience acting on behalf of up-and-coming and established clients in the art world, he understands the interplay of forces in any conflict situation.

Aernoud Bourdrez is a talented strategist, an effective communicator and negotiator, and a tenacious advocate of his clients’ interests.


Before founding Bourdrez Law, Aernoud Bourdrez worked for the international law firm Allen & Overy and the Dutch law firm Höcker Advocaten. He was admitted to the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (Netherlands Bar Association) in 1999.

In addition to running Bourdrez Law, Aernoud Bourdrez also regularly gives lectures on the strategy of conflict. He has written articles and books on copyright matters and conflict resolution.


Aernoud Bourdrez is an ardent fan and devoted collector of contemporary art. 

Bourdrez Law was formerly known as Use Intellectual Property.

Portrait by Annique Paalvast
Portrait by Annique Paalvast
  • Advice on the legal protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Advice on strategy
  • Preparation of letters and other correspondence
  • Preparation of legal documents, including:
    Non-disclosure agreements Licensing agreements
    Deeds of copyright transfer
    Agency agreements
    Cooperation agreements
    Freelance agreements
    Assignment agreements
    Settlement agreements
    Terms and conditions
    Sale and purchase agreements Endorsement agreements
  • Assessment of the legal merits and possible consequences of particular cases
  • Commencement of legal proceedings in the Dutch courts
  • Coordination of legal proceedings in other countries via local lawyers
  • Negotiation in conflicts
Publisher: Paradigma
Language: Dutch
Design: buro van Ons
Publication date: May 2009
GRRR offers 75 successful strategies for resolving conflicts. Co-developed by Harvard University, countless lawyers, three bonobos, two kissing boxers, a cowboy, Mikhail Gorbachev, Sun Tzu and John Rambo, these strategies have been thoroughly tested and can be applied everywhere, whether at the kitchen table, on the street or in the boardroom.
Think Like a Lawyer, Don’t Act Like One
Publisher: BIS Publishers
Language: Dutch, English
Design: buro van Ons
Publication date: May 2013

Revised edition of GRRR
International bestseller
55.000 copies sold

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Publisher: Boom Juridische Uitgevers
Language: Dutch
Design: Melle Hammer
Publication date: June 2015

Co-written with Matthijs Brons
Preface by Coen Drion

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  • Auteursrecht in beeld
Language: Dutch
Expected publication date: 2017
Title: Advocatenblad
Author: Linus Hesselink
Language: Dutch
Publication date: December 2009
Title: Volkskrant Magazine
Author: Gert Jonkers
Language: Dutch
Publication date: August 2009
Title: De Volkskrant
Author: Nicoline Baartman
Language: Dutch
Publication date: June 2009
Title: De Volkskrant
Author: Marlies Dinjens
Language: Dutch
Publication date: October 2008
Title: Wallpaper
Author: Ellie Stathaki
Language: English
Publication date: January 2008
Title: Fantastic Man
Author: Zac Bayly
Language: English
Publication date: March 2015
Title: Advocatenblad
Author: Nathalie Gloudemans-Voogd
Language: Dutch
Publication date: August, 2015

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